This Month's Featured Card:

[Trickster God] Loki

Harness the power of one of Marvel's iconic super villains!

Card Art: uncreativeart.tumblr.com

Contribute, download, play!

Fandom War table top card project underway, and UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Sample Cards by UncreativeArt on Tumblr.

What Is Fandom War?

An overly simplistic card flipping game anyone can play. The project is open, free, and anyone of any art style and skill level can contribute to it.

We’re currently looking for anyone who wants to participate. Any fandom, any skill level, any style! Whether it’s old work, new work, or something totally obscure, we would love you for it!

So you love your fandom! It’s the best one you’ve been in yet. Or the best one you’ve been in ever!

But then there’s the wank and the fandom drama… There’s hurtful words, and everyone’s a frowny face. Don’t you just wish you can handle the crap with minimal bullshit?

Then damn did we think of the best game for you. Get your leather pants and pointy hair cuts ready, it’s time to duel!

sort of. Download and collect digital cards of your favorite characters, print them up and set up a table! Solve all your fandom troubles and settle disputes with the magic of a children’s card game! (All centered, of course, around fandoms and the things that you love most. )

And best of all, do all of this completely free!

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